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Best Areas for Property investment in Liverpool

Finding high yield properties in Liverpool is not easy, here we will show which areas have the best ROI for “buy to let” deals.

If you want capital growth, a 2 bed terrace in Anfield is unlikely to be the right choice, but if you want yield, a city centre apartment is probably the wrong choice. Similarly, if you want a student HMO, you’ll need the right area.

If you do a Google search on good/bad places in Liverpool, you’ll get opinions from locals. Accept they will be slightly extreme, but it’ll give you a start. Whilst I’d recommend visiting, as a minimum do a StreetView run through of the areas and see if they’re what you’d expect for the tenant you’re planning on. 

Whilst not from Liverpool, I have got a flat near Sefton Park and that area is really nice, especially up around Mossley Hill. We also spent a bit of time looking around Crosby and out towards Formby as well. Some bits seem like really deprived seaside towns and yet 1/2mile inland is really nice, with a lovely town centre of independent bars and Formby mainly looked like the sort of place that was way too expensive for rental. 

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