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Can I Get a LISA for Buying a Property in the UK?

The Lifetime ISA (also known as a LISA) was announced by the government in 2016, as a flexible plan for people to save some money,  and be recompensed for doing it. The LISA loan is available for people from 18 to 39 years and offers a profitable bonus.

Nevertheless, the restrictions on how and when you can approach the money are inflexible, meaning it might not be the best choice for everybody. The LISA let you save up to 4000 each year tax free and benefit from an annual government reward of 25%.

But what does the Lifetime ISA really offer?

The LISA allows you to save up to £4,000 per year tax-free, and benefit from an annual government reward of 25% on your reserves until you’re 50. That means you can save a maximum of £5,000 per year among your first property or your pension plan, and be rewarded tax-free interest on everything. 

You can pull the money back when you are 60 or over, or to buy your first property. But, if you want to use the money for buying a property, the value of the property can’t pass £450,000. This applies in any case of where it is in the country, along with London as well. If you want to take the money out of your LISA  but without adhering to these restrictions there’s a high price to pay. You’ll have to pay a 25% government cancellation charge meaning you’ll get back not the whole money that you’ve put in. 

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Regarding the kind of property you can acquire with the Lisa, the only limitation is that you have to acquire it using a residential mortgage or a controlled home purchase plan. It means you can purchase a new home, an old property, a shared proprietorship or even a land on which you plan to build your own home. Where things get a little more complex is that you can utilize a Lisa together with something that is called “Help-to-Buy equity loan”. In this case, you will have to obey the reglamentation of the loan and buy a new home. 

One typical zone of confusion is around the limits on the value of the property. The Help-to-Buy Isa has two limits: £450,000 in London and £250,000 elsewhere. The Lisa, as mentioned before, just has one price cap of £450,000, so it makes no difference where the house is located. Also, when the Lisa was introduced, the government established you couldn’t use it to buy a property in order but-to-let. Nonetheless, considering that you plan to use the property as your main home, you can rent out the guest room. This allowance also means you can save up to £7,500 a year from renting a part of your property before you have to pay tax on it.  

Finally, there is no limitation on how long is the time you have to own the property before you sell it, as long as you have lived in it as your residence for a period of time,but you don’t have to have lived there for a year, for example. If you got a Help-to-Buy loan, you would need to pay back the loan you received to buy the property at the time you decide to sell it. The quantity you have to pay is based on the market value of your property at that point.

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