Can I get Stamp Duty (SDLT) Relief using an SPV Ltd company?

You may be eligible for Stamp Duty Land Tax ( SDLT ) reliefs if you’re buying your UK first home and in certain other situations. These reliefs can reduce the amount of tax you pay. You must complete an SDLT return to claim relief, even if no tax is due.

Is the first dwelling purchased by a Ltd Company exempt from the 3% surcharge?
No – all purchases of residential property within a limited company are subject to the surcharge.

QAs related:

I own a rental property; will I have to pay the 3% surcharge when I buy my first home?
Yes – it is the number of dwellings owned by you, not the use to which they are put that determines whether the surcharge is payable.

I own a buy to let property in a limited company and now want to buy a home to live in – will I pay the 3% surcharge? 
A limited company is a separate legal “person” from you, so (in law) you do not currently own a “dwelling”. Consequently you will not have to pay the 3% surcharge when you buy your home.

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