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How Do You Source UK Below Market Value Properties?

Property investors know that the best real estate investments are the ones that give back the biggest benefit. When purchasing UK properties, there is regularly kind of an exit plan. The plan can be to sell in a year or wait 40 years before selling. The fact of the matter is that the best real estate investment strategy is the one that works best for you. In an ideal world, making money in real estate is simple. You find below market value properties and sell them at a large profit. 

Nonetheless, this is not always the case. Finding UK below market value properties is not an easy thing to do but can be much easier after reading this article.

First, we have to establish what below market value is. Below market value is the price that any property can get under the common conditions. However, this is unpredictable because the value is dictated by how the real estate market is doing. In a client’s market, your profit is going to be lower than that in a seller’s market. Since there is no stabled price, a clever property investor is able to purchase cheap UK properties and get a larger return.

Finding homes below market value is more difficult than just buying an UK investment property. It requires the investor to be clever, optimistic, and patient. These are properties that are found through the medium of softwares:Proptech Softwares.

In the first place, Proptech, is a blanket term for new technologies adapted in the property market which are impulsing the biggest digital development of the real estate sector. This type of software searches for great property deals, either for you, or to sell onto another investor for a price. 

One of the most crucial things you need to know that any successful property investor knows, is how to find good property deals. So before anything else, you need to know what makes a valuable property deal. A proptech software will do that work for you.

Here are five ways to Source UK Below-Market-Value Properties:

1. Online Auctions

Online auctions are useful for finding below-market investments because you don’t have to visit the house, and many online auctions  give you several days to close. This gives you time enough to close the deal to your final buyer. And because these auctions are through a computer, you can buy properties across the UK without leaving your place.

Online auctions can also be a great source of practice for future deals. For example, You can make online tours of properties and evaluate repairs; it’s important to have in mind your repair estimate when you make a real offer.

2. Real Estate Websites

Online real estate softwares, such as DealSourcing, have search filters that allow you to set up for the specific parameters you’re looking for. This proptech software has been able to automate this process and create a platform that becomes your very own property sourcer. 

Through algorithms and the power of automation, the platform is able to find properties from all across the internet and can sort them in the market by percentage of BMV at 10%, 15% or even 40% below its market value. In addition, you will also be able to find properties with the highest Return on Investment (ROI), that measures the benefit an investor could receive in relation to their investment cost.

It saves you time, money and energy. The key feature of this platform is to find High Yield properties. It’s a no brainer to have if you are looking to UK Below Market Value properties.

On the other hand, you can also search for “For Sale By Owner” because sellers are much more flexible and open to seller financing than those who are represented by a real estate agent. When you work with a seller, the best part is that you can talk to them about their alternatives and help them get a quick sale by being adaptable with the conditions of your offer. 

For instance, rather than demanding all the money in cash like an agent sale might, the seller could decide to hold a first mortgage or second mortgage on the property and take a monthly amount of money until the payment is completely done. Real estate agents can’t always provide this same possibility because they often need to sell the property for cash or to a buyer with financing.

As an investor, establishing  terms with the seller can help you get the property with no money down and remove the need for you to take high interests, private money. This gives you the chance to open up and invest in more real estate with less risks in the game.

3. Direct Mail

Direct mail is a tried method for finding motivated sellers. This strategy is new. Whether you’re going to flip a property, buy and keep it, or virtually close a deal, there are many ways to find the UK BMV Properties.

4. Social Media

Facebook, for example, let you use free marketing strategies, or you can use paid ads to find deals from plenty of sellers. Since the arrival of social media, opportunities have opened up to network with investors all over the UK to do online sales.

5. Advertising Websites

Sites that promote several items for sale, including UK properties, are better sources for discovering lower-priced houses.Consider using keywords when you start your search, such as “BMV properties” “fixer-upper, “needs work,” “handyman special,” “investor special” or “needs TLC.”

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