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How To Find Rent Guaranteed Properties In The UK

Guaranteed Rent, also known as Rent to Rent, is where a person or a business rents a property from an owner for a set amount of time and agrees to pay the owner a predetermined rent. The owner authorizes a third party, referred to as “the Renter,” to rent the property to other people. 

The Renter and they are now responsible for the loan as a homeowner. There are many legal forms to rent a home, the most common of which include industrial or corporate tenancies, management arrangements, rentals, or fixed rent arrangements.

Why do tenants choose Guaranteed Rent over a conventional letting agency when it comes to renting out their house?

The homeowner benefits from the agreement because their rental income is assured regardless of whether or not the renters pay their rent or whether the property is empty. As it is their duty to return the house to the owner in the same state as when they got it, the ‘Renter’ must normally take good care of any damages to the home. All of this gives the homeowner a sense of security.

There will be no lease, management, or renewal payments for the landlord. The ‘Renter’ will be able to follow all of the rules and regulations that an agent would otherwise handle, saving the landlord time and resources. The tenant can even ask for a longer term with the ‘Renter,’ which can last anywhere from one to five years. This gives the landlord some peace of mind, allowing them to plan ahead.

What are the advantages of being a renter?

Since the Renter has signed a contract on the home, they are now the owner.This allows them to select renters for the land while still allowing them to retain whatever rent the tenants pay. They openly recommend tenants to make more flexible plans. Single occupants renting a space with common spaces or amenities, for example, can be accommodated in multi-room properties.

What are the legal considerations that the parties should think about?

Since the relationship between the owner and the renter is economic in nature, they should really enter into a lease of the house for the term for which the renter can pay the Guaranteed Rent. Also, the parties should provide transparent and clear conditions of business as to how often the Renter is expected to compensate the owner and what they are responsible for in terms of property maintenance and the homeowner’s accordance with different rental regulations.

If you’re searching for these kinds of properties but don’t know where to begin, there are a lot of tools available to assist you in finding a range of options. One of the most well-known is DealSourcing. This PropTech Software has made the process easier by converting it into a personal property search engine website. Using algorithms and automation, the software can recognise properties from all over the internet and sort them by ROI.

You’ll save cash, time, and energy! The platform’s main goal is to locate high-yield assets. is also a must if you’re going to rent property in the United Kingdom.

The program also measures the return on investment for any property listed on Rightmove, Zoopla, or Gumtree, as well as highlighting more affordable properties, saving buyers hours of research time. The most significant advantage of working with a property sourcer is having access to the most attractive real estate markets.

The Top 3 Most Useful Use Cases of

  • BTL & HMO Deal Analyser

They don’t calculate the cash balance on each deal using a spreadsheet or charts. Calculate the net profit by deducting all expenses, Stamp Duties, and sales, as well as the risk of a loss.

  • Find High Yield Properties by Location

Around 500,000 homes in England, Scotland, and Wales had their data analysed. Their main goal is to determine which postcodes provide the best buy-to-let returns.

  • Find Negative Equity Properties by Location

A house is considered to be in negative equity if its worth is less than the balance owed on the mortgage. They will help you locate such great deals in your city.

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