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How To Find Tenanted Properties In The UK In 2021?

Have you come across any property descriptions that state that the flat or house is tenanted? This can mean a variety of things, so proceed with caution!

There shouldn’t be much to worry about the majority of the time. The renters will rent the property for six to twelve months. You may also want to retain them while you’re buying the property as a buy-to-let investment.

Whether you’re buying to live there (and you’re having a mortgage), the terms of your mortgage would require them to be out before you exchange agreements, so what you have to do now is figure out what the seller will serve them notice (tell them to leave).

However, There Are A Few Precautions To Take:

What Are The Exact Terms Of Their Tenancy Agreement

You’ll want your attorney to look over it with a magnifying glass to make sure there aren’t any odd words in there that might sabotage your investment. Terms that even the seller may be unaware of or have overlooked (large buy-to-let tenants may have hundreds of properties and may not recall each contract).

Perhaps the tenancy agreement has a year left to run and the owner is unable to serve them with notice if they want to extend. Test everything, and double-check everything.

Is There A Problem Between The Tenants And The Seller?

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve ended up in court, but it’s possible they’ve stopped making payments until a specific issue is resolved, such as a broken window that both landlords and vendors blame on one another.

You don’t have to get involved in the dispute, because if there is one, the renters will dig in, and the case may take months to work its way through the courts. You’ll waste money on attorneys and assessors just to see the purchase suspended before a court has time to consider both sides’ arguments. And so, the judge’s decision can be ambiguous, instructing both parties to work again to reach a solution and to return after three months if they are unable to do so.

Tenanted properties where the tenants and the seller are at disagreement are a no-go zone. This is the time to go on.

“Sitting Tenants”?

Tenants on regular 6- or 12-month lease arrangements have bundles of protections that “Sitting Tenants” do not.

You can’t really serve notice to them (ask them to move out). They are the only ones who can make this decision. The amount they pay, as well as any rent rises, will be specified in the rental agreement and may be well below market value.

The renters’ rights may be passed on to their descendants, which means they or their descendants may live there long after you and I are gone.

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