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How To Find UK Below The Market Value New Builds?

Property investors understand that the right real estate investments are those that have the greatest return. When buying a flat in the UK, there is almost always some kind of escape strategy. The goal could be to sell in a year or to wait forty years. The truth is that the most successful real estate investment tactic is the one that fits well for you. Making money in real estate is easy in a perfect setting. You buy new apartments for a fraction of their selling value and resell them for a huge profit.

However, this isn’t always the case. Finding UK New Builds below market value is difficult, but it can be made much easier after reading this post.

First, we must define what constitutes below-market value. In normal circumstances, any house may be purchased for less than its fair value. However, there is unpredictability since the valuation is determined by the state of the real estate industry. Your margin would be smaller in a client’s market than in a seller’s market.Since there is no fixed price, a smart property owner will buy cheap UK apartments and earn a higher return.

Seeking apartments below market value is more complex than just purchasing an investment property in the UK. It generally requires that the investor be astute, positive, and careful. There are properties discovered by the use of software: Proptech Softwares.

First and foremost, Proptech is a catch-all word for emerging developments adapted in the property industry that are behind the most significant digital growth in the real estate field.This sort of app seeks for perfect real estate opportunities for you or to sell to another investor for a fee.

One of the most important things any competent property owner knows is how to locate decent property offers. So, before you do anything else, you can understand what constitutes a valuable real estate transaction. The job will be done for you by a proptech software.

Here are 5 ways to Source UK Below Market Value New Builds:

Auctions On The Internet

Since you don’t have to enter the property, and several online auctions offer you several days to buy, online auctions are great for finding below-market purchases. This gives you ample time to complete the transaction with your final customer. Since these auctions are conducted by screen, you can purchase properties in the United Kingdom without leaving your home.

Online auctions can also be a smart way to practice with upcoming transactions. You should, for example, take online tours of new builds; and keep your maintenance estimation in mind while making a real deal.

Proptech Softwares

Search filters in online real estate applications, such as DealSourcing, help you to set up for the precise criteria you’re looking for. This proptech app is able to simplify this mechanism and build a portal that functions as your personal property sourcer.

The platform will locate new builds from all over the internet and sort them in the market by percentage of BMV at 10%, 15%, or even 40% below market value, thanks to algorithms and the power of automation. Furthermore, you will be able to select new builds with the best Return on Investment (ROI), which calculates the value an investor will earn in comparison to the cost of their investment.

It helps you save time, money, and energy. The main function of this platform is to locate High Yield assets. If you’re hunting for UK Below Market Value assets, it’s a no-brainer to use

On the other hand, you should check for “For Sale By Owner” and buyers that are not served by a real estate company are far more versatile and open to seller financing. The best thing about working with a vendor is that you can talk to them about their options and help them get a swift deal by being flexible with the terms of your bid.

For example, rather than requesting all of the money in cash, as in an agent sale, the purchaser might opt to keep a first or second mortgage loan and collect a monthly payment before the payment is completed. Real estate brokers are not often able to offer this option since they frequently choose to sell the property for cash or to a buyer with financing.

Setting up agreements with the seller as a lender will help you get the property with no money down and eliminate the need for you to take high-interest, private money. This allows you to expand and invest in more real estate while taking less risks.


Direct mail is a classic way of locating interested buyers. This is an unique approach. There are numerous methods for locating UK New Builds BMV, whether you intend to flip a house, purchase and hold it, or practically close a sale.

Social Media

Instagram, for example, allows you to use free marketing tactics or paying advertising to find sales from a large number of vendors. With the advent of social media, opportunities have arisen to interact with investors from all over the UK in order to conduct online transactions.

Advertising Websites

Sites that advertise a variety of products for rent, like UK estate, are better places to look for lower-priced homes.

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