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Is UK Buy To Sell Worth It In 2021?

Whether you’re unfamiliar to real estate investing or a pro property sourcer, you’ll probably come across the question “should you buy to let or buy to sell?” It’s a popular question, and there’s no single right answer because it depends on a variety of factors, including your own scenario and risk tolerance.

However, there are a few things to consider before deciding whether to buy to let or buy to sell a home:

Rental Value vs Sale Price

The most evident consideration is the amount of rental income you can assume from the property versus the amount it would sell for on the marketplace. You’ll have to calculate buy to let yield for this. If the property is likely to provide an elevated rental yield, it may be worth holding on to, particularly if the sales market is weak.

If, on the other hand, the yield is considerably lower but the sales market is prospering, it may be more profitable to sell the property and move on to your next investment.

A good property agent will be able to recommend you on the predicted rental income and sale price to help you make your choice.

Impacts In Terms Of Taxes

Trying to rent out a house can have a different tax impact than selling an property. In most situations, you can expect to have to pay income tax when renting out a house and capital gains tax when selling it.

Landlord and real estate developer taxation rules are complicated and constantly changing.

That is why, when deciding whether to put money in buy-to-let or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), many people will opt for simplicity and put their money in trusts.

With this in mind, we recommend speaking with a qualified property advisor to fully understand your potential tax liabilities in diverse circumstances.


Some places are better suited for rentals than others, and vice versa.

Properties in or near a city center, for instance, are easier to rent out than sell. Village properties, on the other hand, are usually much easier to sell rather than rent.

As a result, the location can have a significant impact on whether it is better to buy to let or buy to sell. Once more, a good estate agent is required to counsel you upon whether the rental or sales market in your targeted area is better.

Property Type

The type of property has an effect on whether properties are cheaper to rent or sell, just as the location does.

Tiny condos and apartments, for instance, probably appeal much more to renters, whereas large detached houses tend to appeal more to investors.

House Price Predictions

The extent to which property values are likely to fluctuate in the long term will also influence whether you should buy to let or buy to sell.

If you anticipate that property prices will rise, it may be better to rent out the house and only selling when prices have increased considerably. Conversely, if you anticipate a drop in property prices, it may be worth putting the property on the market now to keep from falling into negative equity.

As a result, it’s worthwhile to read up on existing research and forecasts to get a sense of how the market is evolving.

Ongoing Costs & Opportunities

When deciding whether to buy to let or buy to sell, it is important to consider the future plans.

If you want to choose to rent out your house, you will be responsible for multiple ongoing costs (such as council tax, insurance, and many more), whether or not your property is inhabited. You will also miss out on the lump sum you could obtain if you sold, which could be used to finance your next real estate investment buy.

Nevertheless, if you sell now, you will miss out on the normal income and cash flow beneficial effects that a rented house might provide. You also stand to lose if house prices rise in the future.

Should You Buy To Let Or Buy To Sell?

Your personal situation, and also the specific details of the house, will determine whether it is best to purchase to let or buy to sell. Nevertheless, as you can see, there are a variety of factors to be considered when making your decision.

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