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Leicester: Why is a key player in Buy-To-Let in the UK property market

Britain’s most multicultural city combines an affordable cost of living with a rich heritage. And owing to its geographic centrality inside England, you’ll be able to get around anywhere in the country in one of two hours. There is a lot of diversity when it comes to the quality of life in the UK, that’s why Leicester is one of the best options in the property market.


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The city is extremely highly regarded, being placed in the top ten places to live in the UK by Lonely Planet. Leicester offers its 443,800 residents a host of outstanding towns and suburbs. Affordable, central, well-connected, and cosmopolitan, the city is a popular choice for property buyers. But, let’s see some real advantages of living in Leicester:

Employment and Income

Leicester has fairly high overall employment rates, with 84% of people living in Leicester having a job. 45% of the population of Leicester in 2017 were working full-time hours of 35-45 hours a week. In connection with income, the city was on the higher end of standard for the UK in 2017. The gross weekly income per individual was £472.80. Disposable income in Leicester is extremely low compared to the rest of the UK, nevertheless, at £11,739 per annum for a household. 

In terms of renovation, Leicester Waterside is a project that is aiming to transform 150-acres of a large old industrial site at the heart of the city. The waterside renovation has the intention to create new houses, new workspaces and bring new investment, with the outcome of creating 300 new homes, 240 jobs, and nearly 2,000 m2 of commercial. You’ll find a wide range of industries in Leicester, including engineering, manufacturing, and retail.

Living Costs

The cost of living in Leicester is fairly average by UK standards. A weekly grocery shop for a Leicester family in 2017 cost £55. Petrol prices are standard as well at 117p in the city in 2017.

Investment opportunities

For investors that want to invest in a strong and stable market, Leicesterremains a solid choice. As the preferred choice for many abroad buyers in 2020, the amazing development of the city has pushed new and modern infrastructure improvements, putting it firmly at the top of investor wishlists for 2021.

Leicester is one of the cities suffering from constant supply and demand issues. This has created a remarkable competitive market and ensured excellent growth over the last months, making Leicester a key player in the Buy-to-Let sector. Looking at past performance, Leicester’s development estimates look positive. With the growth of 280% since 2000, 7.7% in the last year, and 2.5% in the last three months, it’s continuing to push forward as people leave London for local markets.

Leicester schools

There are several options when it comes to schools in Leicester. The city has 104 state-funded schools, of which seventy-five are primary schools, seventeen are high schools, eight are alternative schools, and four are sixth form colleges. There are also 22 independent schools in the city, including the prestigious Leicester Grammar School.

As for higher education, Leicester claims for being one of the region’s best destinations for universities. Both Leicester University and De Montfort University rank within the top 75 universities in the UK and have a multicultural student population of over 30,000, many of whom live in areas such as Oadby, Evington, and Clarendon Park.

This makes Leicester an ideal place for professionals, students, and young families alike.


One of the best-connected cities in the UK, Leicester is located in the middle of the main roads and rail network.

The rail network offers services from Leicester station to over a dozen other towns and cities. Direct trains run frequently to London, with a journey time of just over an hour. If you want to travel by car, the M1 is next to the city and provides a direct run to  Leeds and Sheffield to the north, and London to the south. It also offers links with other major motorways and A-roads, for access to the east and west.

East Midlands Airport is also very close (a 30-minute drive away), and offers direct national and European flights, as well as links to worldwide destinations. Ryanair, Flybe,, and TUI Airways are among the airlines working from the airport.

Best areas to strongly consider if you want to invest in Leicester:


A popular suburb in the south of Leicester, this area gives residents a balance of small-town life with the option of the enormous city on your door. The suburb has all the amenities you would expect. Locals can make use of the nearby leisure center, the community library, a range of fantastic takeaways, several pubs as well as a choice of major grocery and independent shops. This area also offers some outstanding transport links to the rest of Leicester and plenty of green spaces. Nearby Peace Memorial Park and Aylestone Lane Park provide much-welcomed community space in which to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are thinking of living in Leicester, Wigston is certainly worth considering.


The town in the Charnwood region of Leicestershire is known as a top leader in the sports science field. Loughborough was voted the top sports university in the world in 2018. Home to some 58,000 residents this suburb is a modern and vibrant university town that has managed to keep in touch with its great history.

New roads have made the town far more accessible and the town center is now the perfect spot for shopping.

Loughborough offers its residents a welcome choice of both rural and urban locations. For those seeking a more urban area, a popular area is Forest Side.

Located within reach of the M1, properties in Forrest Side provide locals with great access to good schools and a great location from which to commute.

There is plenty of choices when it comes to nearby villages, with popular locations including Quorn and East Leake.


A town that prides itself on its family-focused environment, offers its residents the perfect harmony between busy city living and a serene countryside lifestyle.

Located a mere 10 minutes to the south of Leicester city center, Oadby is located between the city and stunning South Leicestershire countryside.

The town has everything one could need: several local supermarkets, a community post office, and an active high street ensure locals have access to everything they could possibly need. The town has a combination of property styles, from terraced Victorian houses, Edwardian homes, and modern new builds.

The combination of great amenities, a perfect location, a range of properties, and some outstanding schools makes Oadby a tremendous area to live.


The suburb has 11,000 residents who have access to numerous great amenities as well as quick access to the wider city. The extraordinary location of Evington makes a shopping visit into the city quick and easy.

This area counts with a few local grocery shops and restaurants to provide sufficient supplies as well as numerous and spacious outdoor spaces. Evington Park, for example, is well equipped with public exercise machines, tennis courts and the newly installed table tennis table.

There also several local schools to choose from if you have kids. Primary schools in the area include Linden Primary School, Mayflower Primary School, and Whitehall Primary school.

Considering Evington’s great area, good amenities, and access to schools, prices in the area are very appropriate. This suburb could be a great choice for you if you are considering living in Leicester.

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