Deal Sourcing

Part 1: Property Deal sourcing Free Course

This is where we negotiate a property deal and package it ready to then be sold on to a property investor.

A typical deal would include an offer which we have previously negotiated with a property vendor who will have signed either an option or sales agreement with us to sell his/her property at an agreed price.

We charge a fee for this service and can offer ready-made deals or will specifically hunt down a deal based on criteria you specify. Whilst our immediate focus is Midlands, we are able to source in other areas by arrangement.

Considerations – there has recently been some negative press on this subject since larger companies have apparently been imposing unreasonable terms on vendors, which is most definitely not the way Ambition operate.

Consequently, the legislation for this process has become further scrutinised. Indeed, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and The Property Ombudsman (TPO) have issued guidelines for Property Sourcing businesses to follow.

Even acting as a “middle-man” may now require compliance with these guidelines which in the past may have been unnecessary.

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