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Norwich: a goldmine for property investors

Did you know that Norwich came really close to becoming the UK’s capital city? For many centuries, Norwich was the largest and wealthiest city in the country. Although it currently doesn’t compare to London, its quality of life and cheap properties make it a goldmine for anyone seeking to invest. Norwich is found in the […]

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Portsmouth: the golden port city for UK property investors

Portsmouth is an interesting and unique city. It’s the only city in the UK that is technically considered an island city and is famous for being the home base of the Royal Navy as well as having some of the biggest ports in the UK. It is no surprise that the sea plays a major […]

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Looking Negative Equity property deals? Check this software

If you are looking for repossessed houses for sale or looking for Negative Equity property deals you should know In this new era, house prices are likely to fall, which means buyers with high LTV mortgages could find themselves with assets worth less than they borrowed. Using´s negative equity engine you can build […]