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Portsmouth: the golden port city for UK property investors

Portsmouth is an interesting and unique city. It’s the only city in the UK that is technically considered an island city and is famous for being the home base of the Royal Navy as well as having some of the biggest ports in the UK. It is no surprise that the sea plays a major […]

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Why you should keep an eye on Glasgow’s property market

One could argue that Glasgow is the second capital city of Scotland. While Edinburgh is seen as the cultural and historic capital, Glasgow is its newer, bigger and above all, cheaper counterpart. Glasgow is bigger in terms of economy and population and therefore has a large, diverse property market. This article will offer some insights […]

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UK Property Sourcing Guide of 2021 – Deal Sourcing for Beginners

What Is Property Sourcing? Property sourcing is an activity initiated by a property sourcing agent whereby property deals best suited to the investor are identified, packaged, negotiated and then sold to the property investor. Key Activities performed by a property sourcing agent: -A property sourcing agent should be equipped with expert knowledge about their niche […]