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Norwich: a goldmine for property investors

Did you know that Norwich came really close to becoming the UK’s capital city? For many centuries, Norwich was the largest and wealthiest city in the country. Although it currently doesn’t compare to London, its quality of life and cheap properties make it a goldmine for anyone seeking to invest. Norwich is found in the […]

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Why you should keep an eye on Glasgow’s property market

One could argue that Glasgow is the second capital city of Scotland. While Edinburgh is seen as the cultural and historic capital, Glasgow is its newer, bigger and above all, cheaper counterpart. Glasgow is bigger in terms of economy and population and therefore has a large, diverse property market. This article will offer some insights […]

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Still possible to get strong buy to let rental yields – and here’s where…

New research has produced a series of league tables to identify where in Britain the best rental yields can be found. The study, by peer-to-peer funder Sourced Capital, has revealed that buy to let rental yields on average have remained largely flat, up just 0.1 per cent year on year. But this masks significant regional variations. […]