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What Is The Best Search Engine For Finding Negative Equity Properties In London?

Although the UK property market is one of the strongest, most stable, and reliable in the world, it is vital to have a thorough understanding of mortgages and payments, as well as the various ways to profit from renting houses.

London, England’s and the United Kingdom’s capital, is a 21st-century metropolis with a Roman past. The vast Houses of Parliament, the world-famous “Big Ben” clock tower, and Westminster Abbey, the location of British monarch coronations, are all located in the city’s core. Located across the Thames River, the London Eye observation wheel provides panoramic views of the South Bank cultural complex as well as the entire city.

Also,London is famous for:

  • Natural History Museum.
  • Covent Garden.
  • Oxford Street.
  • Changing of The Guard at Buckingham Palace.
  • Borough Market.
  • Eat fish & chips.

The truth is that there are very few pages that can provide accurate information on the market’s ups and downs, including details like what it means for a home to be in negative equity, which may not be good news for the owner but is good news for potential purchasers. To put it another way, you have negative equity if the value of your property is less than the amount owed on your mortgage. That suggests the current owner is losing money on the property and will be willing to sell it for less than he paid for it.

DealSourcing is now one of the only property finders that provides that information, as well as how much you may earn if you rent it.


DealSourcing allows you to manage the impact of automation. You may search over 200,000+ Below Market Value deals (Buy-To-Let, HMOs, and BRRR) with ROIs of above 15% with the click of a mouse. You can rapidly identify high-yield properties using our basic and easy-to-use tools.

This is the only property finder that provides you with that information, as well as the assurance that you are making a sound decision, given that not everyone can sell a property with negative equity.


The ease with which you can sell your house if you have negative equity is determined by the amount you owe, the value of the property you wish to relocate to, and if you are current on your mortgage payments.

If you have negative equity in your property, you can rent it out. If your lender would allow it, another alternative is to rent out your home. This means you’ll keep your current mortgage, but you’ll likely have to pay a higher interest rate. You’d also have to inform your insurance company.

If you’re attempting to sell your house and need to start renting it out, DealSourcing can tell you how much money you may make every year based on the rent and the amount you owe the bank.

It’s possible that you don’t realize you’re in a negative equity situation. To find out, look up your home’s current market value and compare it to the amount owed on your mortgage. You have negative equity if the value of your home is less than the amount owed on your mortgage.

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