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What’s The Easiest Property Sourcing Portal To Find A Cash-Only Flat In Liverpool?

Few markets are as direct and reliable as the UK housing market. While any kind of deal can be given with a speed that can’t be replicated anywhere else, some buyers prefer to be much more direct. For them, there is the cash-only option.

Areas that walk the fine line between tranquility and tourism such as Liverpool are the most sought after in the market. There are people who visit it to get to know the birthplace of the Beatles or go see the city team, while others just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

The reality is that since the United Kingdom gradually emerged from the pandemic, there has been a “small-boom” in the real estate market and its solidity calls for property exchanges at all times.

The problem is that such monetary soundness does not apply to the transparency of buying and selling sites. It requires a lot of information to keep in mind and is not always available in the same place. There are few sites like DealSourcing that show all the information in one go.

It’s a good idea to consider sourcers to be real estate brokers. A sourcer can help you find the best deal, whether you’re a property investor looking to buy or an individual homeowner looking to buy your dream home. is the most transparent and trustworthy sourcer on the market. This PropTech Software was able to automate this process and transform it into a portal that serves as your personal property finder. The platform can find assets from all over the internet and organize them by ROI thanks to algorithms and automation.

The Top 3 Most Useful Use Cases of

  • BTL & HMO Deal Analyser

Replace all of your property spreadsheets. They calculate the cash flow on each deal without using a spreadsheet or calculator. Calculate your overall offer, taking into account all expenses, Stamp Duties, earnings, or even the risk of trying to leave money on the table.

  • Find High Yield properties by location

They looked at data from nearly 500,000 homes in England, Scotland, and Wales. Their primary goal is to determine which postcodes have the best buy-to-let yield.

  • Find negative equity properties by location

Property is in negative equity if it’s worth less than the mortgage secured on it. They help you find those deals by geographic location.

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