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Which areas of Liverpool are good for buy-to-let in terms of both rental yield and capital gains?

Dingle and Toxteth

These areas are South of the city, and were once considered run down parts of Liverpool. There has been a lot of regeneration in the L8 postcode area and it attracts students and young professionals. You can get a great terraced house for around your budget.

I like L8 properties as I feel there is good potential for capital growth and as well as strong yields. The area has access to many green spaces as well as transport links to the city centre.


North of the city centre, Bootle is getting a lot of attention from investors recently. You can find a property in the L20 postcode for under £100k. 

Other Liverpool areas

Also, you’ll find that L7 and L6 areas are very popular with investors, and there is a multitude of mini HMO’s in the areas.

The Dingle (L8) is a great place for a 2 bed property around the bread streets. The yield isn’t the best but the houses rent really well as the roads there are sloping towards the river and have a great view. I have viewed a number of properties Just on the fringe of where L8 meets L17 (Aigburth) where house prices in L17 shot up by about £50k. Further South passed L17 you come in to Garston (L19) you may find properties there as prices are quite reasonable as well – then there’s Speke further South in which Liverpool Airport is located. All of these areas have good fundamentals to Liverpool City centre by train/bus. 

There is a multitude of areas such as Old Swan and Tuebrook (L13) although I’d say Old Swan is the better area. L11 which is Norris Green and Croxteth – these areas I would say you’d be more leaning towards yield with less emphasis on capital growth. 

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