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Which Proptech Software Is Using Samuel Leeds For Finding Deals?

Samuel Leeds is an international speaker, real estate investor, and author of two best-selling books. Samuel is the CEO of six profitable businesses and the owner of over £1 million in property throughout the United Kingdom. Thousands of individuals all across the world have been motivated by him to invest wisely and live better lives. To find the best costs, he uses a variety of Proptech Software.

Proptech is gaining popularity worldwide, and the real estate business isn’t far behind. The UK, on the other hand, will be the obvious winner of the Proptech race by 2021.

Property sourcing can be profitable, but it, like any other business, requires the use of appropriate tools, particularly software that allows you to search for bargains over the Internet. You can search, source, appraise, and contact sellers from Rightmove, Zoopla, OntheMarket, Gumtree, and other sites from a single platform.

What Are Proptech Software And How Does It Work?

To begin, Proptech is a collective term for emerging technologies that have been utilized in the real estate business and are driving the industry’s most major digital revolution.

This technique sounds promising for profitable real estate transactions, such as buying or selling to another investor. The ability to spot credible property offers is one of the most crucial skills that any successful property investor possesses. So, before you do anything else, learn what constitutes a wise real estate investment. A proptech system will take care of that.

Finally, a property sourcing organization purchases and sells investment properties to investors. The duty of a property sourcer is to act as a go-between for the contracting parties. is the most reliable and trustworthy sourcer on the market. This PropTech Software was able to automate this process and turn it into a platform that functions as your own personal property sourcer. The program can identify properties from all over the internet and categorize them by ROI thanks to algorithms and automation.

You will save time, money, and effort! The platform’s main feature is its ability to locate High Yield Properties. If you’re looking for UK Property Investment, is a no-brainer.

The algorithm also evaluates each home on Rightmove for return on investment and discovers properties for sale that are priced below market value, saving investors hours of research time.

The Top 3 More Useful Use Cases of

  • BTL & HMO Deal Analyser

Get rid of all your property spreadsheets. They calculate the cash flow for each contract without the use of a spreadsheet or calculator. Calculate your maximum offer, taking into consideration any costs, Stamp Duty, earnings, or the potential of losing money.

  • Find High Yield properties by location

They examined information from over 500,000 houses in England, Scotland, and Wales. Their primary objective is to identify which postcodes have the highest buy-to-let yield.

  • Find negative equity properties by location

If the value of a property is less than the mortgage amount, it is deemed to be in negative equity. They assist you in locating such deals based on your location.

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