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Why Is UK Rent-To-Rent The Best Strategy For New Investors In 2021?

Property investors are constantly seeking for fresh tactics, and rent-to-rent has lately gone to the top of the list. So, how exactly does it work?

Rent-to-Rent simply implies that you discover owners who already have rental properties but wish to delegate the duty for finding renters and maintaining the property. You pay the deposit and an agreed-upon monthly guaranteed rent to the landlord in exchange for the right to sublease the property for a profit. While one property will not make you a millionaire, it is a method that is simple to replicate and then the profits begin to pile up.

Why Are So Many Real Estate Professionals Discussing It?

Low Cash Investment

Rent-to- Rent is a significantly lower entry level for those just getting started in real estate. Rather than needing to save a large deposit to purchase your first home, managing someone else’s rental property allows a novice investor to get started in property for a few thousand dollars rather than tens of thousands.

All you need is a deposit and enough money to spruce up the rental home. Even when sourcing expenses are factored in, the start-up expenditure is likely to be far below £10,000, depending on the location of the home.

It is not only a low-risk investment, but it has the ability to help an investor build up their nest egg faster than most other tactics.

Funds vs. Time

Rent-to-Rent connects landlords with properties who are short on time with persons who have a modest amount of cash but the time to care after renters.

When a homeowner does not want to deal with the inconveniences of owning buy-to-let properties – agreements, upkeep, locating and negotiating with tenants – the thought of delegating the responsibility to someone else is highly appealing.

Allowing someone else to handle all of the work is preferable than placing the property in the hands of a realtor, since this would still leave the homeowner with some issues to deal with. A Rent-to-Rent investor eliminates all of the bother, but they must spend time rather than money.

A Method For Gaining Useful Experience

Serviced Accommodation (SA) is another attractive investment field since the profits are significant as long as the facility is rented the majority of the time. Obtaining a loan for serviced accommodation, on the other hand, is not always straightforward for investors who lack essential skills.

Lenders want to know that the mortgagee understands what they’re doing and has a relevant proven record. In other words, they want to know that the house will allow the owner to continue making mortgage payments. Unused rooms or properties mean no income.

Gaining expertise in the SA industry through Rent-to-Rent offers the possibility to being your own SA owner in the long run.


When renting out a property, you do not have to account for stamp duty, capital gains tax, deposits, estate agency commission, mortgage interest, transfer expenses, and so on.

It’s a good idea to have a legal contract made up between you and the owner from whom you’re renting the house, but that’s normally something you only need to do once, unless the arrangements you arrange with owners change dramatically.

However, this implies that the revenue from the property must only pay the monthly charge agreed upon with the owner and any necessary repairs. The remainder is pure profit.

PropTech Makes It Simple

Property investing is much easier to do in today’s environment. Finding prospective Rent-to-Rent properties used to be a difficult task. Many landlords had never heard of it and were more inclined to use a renting agent to find a tenant.

You may now sit at your computer and rapidly identify homes that meet your requirements, with owners that are actively wanting to rent out their homes to a Rent-to-Rent investor.

There are software that allows you to check the potential – such as market rent prices and yield for your house – and you have a great deal of information at your disposal that allows you to conduct in-depth proper research in minutes, rather than months.

DealSourcing is one of the most well-known. By integrating many components into a single system that serves as your own real estate agent, this proptech technology can speed up the process of looking for a house in the United Kingdom. Using algorithms and automation, the technology can locate and categorize investments across the internet.

You’ll save both time and money! The platform’s ability to locate high-yielding assets is its main selling point. is a no-brainer if you want to invest in the UK property market.

The algorithm can also calculate the ROI for each home listed on Rightmove, Zoopla, and Gumtree, as well as find underpriced homes for sale, saving investors time and money.

This information was provided by allows you to control the influence of technology. You can search over 200,000+ Below Market Value transactions (Buy-To-Let, HMOs, and BRRR) with ROIs of more over 15% with the click of a mouse. You can rapidly identify high-yield properties using our basic and easy-to-use tools.

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