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Why you should consider a deal sourcer if you are a UK property investor.

A property finder, also known as a deal sourcer, property sourcer, property sourcing agent or consultant, all fulfil the same role of simplifying your search for property. Using their expertise against a small commission or fee, you will be able to save time, energy, and of course money. Property sourcing has been on the rise in the UK in the past few years, meaning that their is a lot of choice and competition.

Unlike estate agents, property sourcers work almost exclusively for property investors or buyers. They often have a selection of buyers with whom they work closely and get to know better over time. Each sourcer have their own way of finding properties and through repeatedly working with buyers, know exactly what could be of interest or not.

It is useful to think of sourcers as property hunters. Whether you are a property investor looking to invest or an individual homeowner looking to find your dream home, a sourcer will be of great use and will be able to find the perfect deal for you.

There are three redeeming qualities that a sourcer can offer, notably contacts, a solid knowledge of a specific area and a certain level of expertise within the property industry. The expertise and contacts are the bread and butter of a sourcer and implies that they have access to properties or deals which are not as evident or accessible to everyone. This could be properties that have not been listed yet, or properties which have received little to no promotion. In any case, property sourcers have a deep understanding of their client’s needs as well as being specialists of their niches.

The niches that property finders fulfil are diverse and plentiful. Property sourcers can be specialists of specific property types, such as flats, houses, estates or even mansions! Most sourcers have a well-defined niche and are specialists within it. This niche could be purpose-built student accommodation, corporate lettings, social housing and even short-term lets. Undoubtedly, this specialisation is extremely beneficial to the investor or buyer and can prove invaluable as it can save a lot of time and effort. Another positive aspect of property sourcers is portfolio management, which constitutes a big part of a sourcer’s role. They can help structure a portfolio as well as offer advice on how to present it and how to invest wisely.

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The property sourcer can therefore save their client time and money. The sourcer will work through all the details of the deal and create a deal package, saving time. Indeed, shortlisting and sorting properties is time-consuming and so is contacting brokers, estate agents, conveyancers and tenants.

Through offering a deep understanding of the client’s needs and their niche, the client will save money. Indeed, a property finder will have their preferred brokers, solicitors, refurbishment teams and estate agents, meaning that they have access to cheaper deals and get the done job done more efficiently.

Recently, property sourcing has become automated. Some prop-tech start-ups have attempted to imitate and recreate the property sourcer in a digital setting. One of them,, has been able to automate this process and create a platform which becomes your very own property sourcer. Through algorithms and the power of automation, the platform is able to find properties from all across the internet and sort them by ROI. It does exactly what is mentioned above in this article, saving you time, money and energy!

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